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Annamaru has started a donation pool!
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Figuring out how these things work haha.

I'm planning on setting up commissions soon, so this'll probably be for that, and for adopts. But donations are very much appreciated. c:

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Name's Annamaru, but you can call me either Anna or Maru.
And on my page you'll mostly find anime art, mainly inspired by the many RPs I tend to join. Sprinkled in there will be a few fanarts.

Some of my favorite roleplay groups that I totally recommend:
:iconikehara-high: :iconedo-no-romance: :iconotherworlde:

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Currently, I'm only accepting collabs and art trades from friends.

When I have a lot of free time, I do open requests. This is not on a first come, first serve basis, as I am picky. I apologize in advance for this. Also, though on occasions I do open requests for everyone/watchers, mostly I open requests for members in the group I'm in, as it counts towards the activity check.

I appreciate every fave, watch, llama, and comment! I may not always respond (or know how too) but I appreciate them all!

Also, do not ask for free points! This is both, kinda weird and kinda rude. And I really don't appreciate this.
I was tagged by :icondet2x:! Thanks for tagging me, sweetie~


1. Copy and Paste the questions including the rules.
2. Answer them honestly or just plain stupidity cuz it depends on you cuz it's your characters. You can answer by judging the OC's appearance, personality, etc. You can tagged other people that's done this but be sure it's another oc.
3. Tag your friends that you know they have OC's if you like to know.



1. Who is/are your OC's you want to tell us about?

I'll do Ru Saito and Greed, from the groups :iconikehara-high: and a former member of the group :iconanti-faction:.

2. Does the name mean something?

Ru's name means scholar in Chinese, I think, ironically he's definitely not one, and his last name is based off of Saitou from Rurouni Kenshin and Hakuoki.
Greed's name is just a word I liked and I felt like it fit his personality. I've debated on giving him the name Leviathan but ended up giving that name to his weapon/demon, instead.

3. What do she/he/they look like?

They both have similar long hair, though Ru's is slightly longer. Ru's hair is tied in a side ponytail that hangs over his right shoulder and is pure black, he also has green eyes with a small unnoticeable (not because I forget to keep drawing it //cough ) scar on his left eye. He usually wears the school uniform, but he also likes to wear sweaters. He paints his nails black and likes to wear wrist bands, and is usually found with his headphones in and playing his 3DS.

Greed mostly wears darker, grungy clothing, as he wanders the wasteland. He has long claws, a wolf tail and ears that are dark shades of blue. His eyes are bright blue, and his skin is tan. He's currently being revamped, so things may change~

4. Is it resembles you or someone you know or a big fan of? Idk maybe inspiration of looks?

Ru's looks and personality are inspired by both Taro from Ookami-san and her Seven Companions and Yamato from Say I Love You.

I didn't really take any inspiration from any characters for Greed, at least not that I remember. He is based around the Fallout universe though, so big inspiration from there.

5.  What personality do you gave him/her/them?

Ru is just a normal teenage boy. Loves to play video games, listen to music, and he reads on occasion. He loves to cook, and isn't the first one to start a conversation. He can become pretty awkward and hyper during social interactions, especially when he's not sure how to act or what to do. And he's horrible at doing homework and used to constantly skip class. He'd much rather work then attend class.

Greed is not a very nice person. He loves to steal/scavenge and fight. He will eliminate you if he's deamed you weaker than him, even if he fails - he can never admit when he's in the wrong. All he does is survive, that is his goal.

6. Does it resembles someone or maybe you? 

No, neither character resembles me outwardly but Ru does have my video game obsession. XD   I guess personality wise, I'm more closer to Ru than Greed.

7.How do you make their history?

For Ru, I just sat there and thought of different histories that I felt like I wouldn't mind RPing as.

For Greed, some of it was thought of on my own, I had a lot of time to think about this one since I love the Fallout games (which the group is based on), and I have developed a few OCs for the game. A little bit was modified to fit in some of the extra made-up lore from the group, and some of it was changed so that LostSummer and I's OCs could get together~

8. What motivate you to make an OC?

Everything! I love creating different characters for different scenarios. It allows me to get out of my head for a while, to be well, not me, which is always nice. And it allows me to do things I normally would never do, in my own head of course lol.

9. That is all, now tag people to know their OC's dark secrets or something.

If you've already filled this out, then just ignore it lol.  XD  And sorry!

:iconlostsummer:  - you so gotta do one for Sodie and Ciel~!
:icondet2x:  - I'm interested in your new oc, Yukari~
:iconrapturizedd:  - I know you don't really have an OC, but you can do one for Sashi either from Bleach or Naruto. Either way, you better do one boo!! > u < )

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