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Annamaru has started a donation pool!
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Figuring out how these things work haha.

I'm planning on setting up commissions soon, so this'll probably be for that, and for adopts. But donations are very much appreciated. c:

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
'Ello, I'm Anna~
I love doing digital anime art, and on my page that'll be mostly what you'll find! (*^▽^)/

I also am in love with RPing and creating characters, even if I never get to use them for anything (I plan to eventually sell some as adoptables).

I am a huge gamer, from silly games like Savvy Trendsetters to the Fallout series. I especially love zombie and apocalyptic games.

Currently into:
Far Cry 4, Secret World, Sims 4, Elsword, MineCraft.
Metalocalypse (always and forever~).
The Walking Dead, The 100.

Some of my side projects - that'll hopefully have started by next year. (´つヮ⊂)
. A webcomic of my OC Kako that explains her past as well as her mother's, Sashi. It's set in the anime InuYasha and crosses over to Yu Yu Hakusho.

. A webcomic or whatever we plan with LostSummer for DSS.

. Two horror RPG maker games.

. One apocalyptic RPG maker game.

. 2 novels, one's a supernatural and the other is fantasy-inspired.

. A fanfic of Saints Row.

Free Art Trade Open Button by KimmyPeaches FREE Request Special Button by KimmyPeaches FREE Collaboration Open Button by KimmyPeaches
!! I currently am not doing requests unless they are characters from a fandom I'm into (or just cute characters overall). I am NOT doing OC requests, sorry.

I will consider doing art trades, however, they will be a simple colored doodle! And may take time, as I do them whenever I'm just in the mood - I will also most likely not upload them until your part is done first, this is to make sure that people actually do their part and not just take my art and run haha. p(´⌒`。q)

I appreciate every fave, watch, llama, and comment. I may not always have time to reply (or know how too) but I appreciate them all!

Also, please do not request free points. I don't give out free things to complete strangers. And it's kinda rude to just ask. = 3 = )

I dislike salespeople...

like seriously, I do...

We commonly get them in our neighborhood, it's to the point that we've gotten a 'no soliciting' sign for our front door. Too bad no one knows what the sign means, or they just don't care.
What seriously annoys me is the fact they go crazy with my doorbell, and if they don't hammer the doorbell like they're about to die, then they knock like they are.
It's extremely annoying, and drives me crazy.
Does it get me to answer the door? Yes. Does it make me want to listen to what they have to say? Definitely not!

Unlike my mother, who will slam the door in people's faces if the 'I don't understand English' tactic doesn't work, I will usually listen to what they have to say before politely declining their sale. But when I say no, I mean no.
Today was the second time that I've had a salesperson rudely try to push their sale onto me, after I've said no.

A lady was offering to clean people's floors in one room of their house for free, all I'd have to do is watch the cleaning process - and I'm assuming what products she is using, but she didn't say that part. I don't make decisions in the cleaning products of the house as I live with my parents,  they decide and I use whatever they ask of me. On rare occasions have they asked me what product I should use for a specific task, and I usually Google an answer - but this is extremely rare. But, I didn't state this to the lady and I rejected her offer. My parents aren't into door-to-door salesmen, no matter if whatever they were offering was free. I politely told her that we weren't interested, and she insisted that it was free and only available to three more houses (they were only offering the cleaning process to fifteen houses in my neighborhood). And I told her, once again, that I wasn't interested.
I used to tell people the truth about how I don't make the decisions for things like this, but then they'd demand to see my parents, who would be 100% more rude - and then they'd get mad at me. So now I avoid mentioning it period.
The lady visually looked upset, like I should allow her entrance to my home to waste my time when I clearly had NO interest! She kept repeating her offer, which I still had no idea what she was trying to sell here. The cleaning service? The products she was using? No matter, I didn't have interest in any of it! I swear I was outside with her for ten minutes, in this hot weather we're currently having (and always have //sob) telling her that I was not interested. This was the first time in my life that I've ever wanted to slam the door in someone's face. I was becoming incredibly agitated.
She eventually gave up and I could not shut that door fast enough. Geez.
I understand them getting upset at not making a sale, I do, but when a potential customer says no, hounding them just upsets everyone. And honestly, I don't trust free services. Maybe if they offered a sample, but to allow them to clean my floor is something completely different. If they messed up, I would be stuck with whatever damages they did, and I don't want to deal with that.

I'm already jittery enough everytime I talk to them, I don't like being social especially to strangers - and I feel bad for saying no, I don't like rejecting people but I'm also not an idiot.
Half of the items these people try to sell are crap, and they try to push it on you.
I haven't trusted products that are not issued by an actual brand since reviews became big, shit, I don't even trust brand products! I review things that I really need unless I've used the product for a long time.
And every time a salesperson comes to my door, I typically ask for a website or if I can keep the pamphlet that they're carrying around. I've seen them carrying like at least fifty, so I always ask if I can keep it and I'll call to place an order to order online and they always tell me that the pamphlets are for people who are buying only. That always struck me as odd, and to me it seemed like they were in for the short term quick cash instead of having long term customers. It's even more odd that when I ask for a website, they refuse to give me one - even if it's listed on their pamphlet. Why?
Maybe there's an actual reason for these, but it still doesn't stop the seed of suspicion.
I mean, if I Google their stuff and see great reviews, that could make me interested in their products - or at least that's how it usually works for me. Half of the time, I forget their products names to Google it later, or there's no way to order the product except through the door-to-door salesmen, which irritates me. Maybe I'm too used to Wal-Mart, or online businesses that door-to-door selling seems very nonprofitable nowadays. Maybe in other locations they are popular, or maybe it's profitable in my area and I'm just unaware because I don't ever buy those things.

Another situation was in the mall, this one actually made me laugh cause it was so out of the blue.
I was in the mall with two of my friends, and we were walking to a store with an extremely large anime DVD section... gosh I miss that place... ;;
While on the way, there are a ton of kiosks set up selling various things, purses, shirts, cell phone cases, etc. Literally the last one in front of the DVD store was a make-up one (I'm assuming) and there were two ladies working there. While we approached them, to go around them and to our designated store, they called out to me offering a free make over. I smiled and said no with an apology, even throwing in a 'thank you though' like I always do for these situations only to get the response of a scoff along with "It's just a free makeover" as the ladies literally glared at me like I committed some sort of sin.
If it was free, certainly someone else would want one. Dunno who shit on their day but damn, talk about putting my day on halt. Made me feel bad for a while, but my friend ended up making me feel better.  c:

I dunno, maybe it's just the salespeople in my area that seem so aggressive... They make me hate answering the door, and I've even had some salespeople approach me while I'm in the middle of leaving my driveway to sell me stuff. Like seriously? I know that is how they make their money, but interrupting my day so you can sell me dish soap from some unknown company that doesn't have an official website, is not going to make me want to buy your product, especially if it puts a halt for ten minutes on whatever else I want to do.
Now, they're offering samples that one, I can't keep, and two, I have to waste time watching them perform whatever magic trick with their products - which they could easily switch out for another product that's better than there's. Not to be rude, but at this point in my life, I'm overly suspicious. Especially when their product is so much cheaper but seem to work miracles. I don't always believe that what you pay for is what you get, but I do believe in scammers. And I take precautions to not get burned.

Anyways, sorry for this huge-ass rant. Just makes me feel better to type everything out and push that upload button even if no one reads it.  c:
Anyways, hope everyone else is having an awesome day.

On a side note, I finished watching the newest season of Orange is the New Black and spoiler alert, IT'S AMAZING!
I can honestly say that I love every character in Orange is the New Black, and this is an extremely rare thing for me; especially considering I usually dislike the main character of a series. Their character development is amazing, the choices they make is meaningful and continues to impress me, and the overall plot introduced in every seasons keeps me going. I can't wait for the next season, to see the new characters, and for them to develop more of the older characters!! Ugh, I want the newest season now!!

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Can you let me know if you post the request journal cus I watched a lot of people.
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Honestly, I can't say that I'll remember. Sorry.  ;;
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So why aren't you doing requests in the first place?
Annamaru Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just like drawing what I want to draw, don't really care for drawing other people's ocs or whatever characters they want me to draw. I usually open requests for the groups I'm in, so I can get points for the groups. On rare occasions I open requests for everyone just to get some practice in or when I'm in a slump.
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thank you so much for the watch!! (`・ω・´)ゞ
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Hello miss! >W< Nice to meet you! Im Soul o w o Helenas little brother! Seeing as you are friends I just wanted to sai Hai :3
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Hello! Nice to meet you as well.  c:  And thanks for the watch, really sweet of you~! <3
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Is that how you normally treat all your watchers?
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