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Hey, name's Anna. Lover of video games, anime, art, and writing.

I'm shy and friendly, so don't be afraid to talk to me if ya wanna.

I especially love conversations about video games haha.

Games I'm looking forward too:
Silent Hills(5?), Far Cry 4, and Saints Row Gat out of Hell - there are more but too lazy to think lol.

I got tagged by HiroshiKamiya :iconblushu2plz:  Thanks so much! I still gotta do the selfie tag too!! ;;  (hopefully it'll be uploaded at the same time!!)


1. Post these rules.
2. Tell 10 things about yourself (curiosity? where? //slapped)
3. Answer the questions and imagine 10 questions for the victims you're gonna choose B)
4. Choose 10 persons and put their icon on this journal.
5. Go on their page to tell them they're tagged.
6. It's forbidden to put something stupid like "You're tagged if you read this"
7. You really have to tag 10 people.
8. And don't tag the one who already tagged you (one time is more than enough...)
9. Don't write "I don't tag anyone", it screws all the interest of this tag...
10. Each person tagged has to make a journal similar to this.

First, the 10 facts about me: 
1. I am more of a video-game nerd rather than an anime nerd. Half the time, I only know about popular anime is cause of dA and YouTube and not really because I was interested in them in the first place! ; v ; )
2. My mother won't let me have regular pets, so instead I have 8 chickens and 4 ducks. haha. And because of this, I realize they're more entertaining (and less to take care of) than regular pets!
3. I despise cats. I have so many strays that wander my back yard, and my friends have so many cats (they're like catladies, but they have boyfriends too ;; ). I hate cat hair! Cat meows!
4. I abolustely love the video game Saints Row~ And constantly claim Johnny Gat as my boyfriend! (and I'm writing a self-insert fanfic!) This leads to awkward situations where I talk about him and people think he's real...
5. My friend and I 'stalked' a guy who worked at a local Gamestop cause he looked like the rapper, Drake...
6. I got second place at a contest held in my state for Skills USA in the category "desktop publishing". I did not study for this, and got extremely lucky lol. Didn't even know what category I was in (literally just Googled this two seconds ago... XD  Surprised they still have the results since it was in 2009...). Felt good, cause the guy that got 1st place had done this 3 years in a row...
7. I hold grudges. Seriously, I do. Three years from now, you won't see it coming... and I'll be there, to remind you...  = _ = )  Or I'll constantly try to get you back in subtle ways.
8. I get really upset when people are wrong and can't admit to it, even if I provide evidence. It spreads ignorance, and with people how they are now, that's the last thing we need. DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST, OR LET SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT CORRECT YOU WITHOUT YOU HAVING TO BE AN ASS!
9. I get REALLY frustrated when people make the GTA x Saints Row comparison, or worse, the console-war... First, let me enjoy whatever fucking game I want too, if I find GTA bland, then I find it bland, nothing you'll say will change my mind, just like no matter what I say about Saints Row will change yours... Same with the consoles! Why limit myself? I'm gonna play all the games on ALL the consoles, because who cares? Just because I played more Xbox does NOT make me an Xbox fangirl! They just happen to have more games that I'm interested in! Honestly, I just wanna play ALL THE GAMES!
10. My bf Rapturizedd are really close. And when I got my first job, she used to come visit me all the time. We'd hug and grope each other. XD  My manager thought I was gay, I lied to him and everything, telling him we were a couple and that she bought me an expensive ring to propose. I told him later I was lying. I did the same thing to a new worker we got a few months later, my manager had a blast with it.

Questions by HiroshiKamiya!!
1. Look at the first thing left to you and then the first thing behind you. Combined the color of the first thing with the the second object and write it, it will be your name as hero!
.. Black Wall...  "............."
2. What do you like more? Soft beds or more hard beds? (I prefer soft)
.. SOFT!!
3. Cats or dogs?
.. DOGS!!!!
4. What's your favorite word? (it's all the same what language)
.. Bullshit!! or Aigoo (in Korean - it like sighing, or omg, or facepalming).
5. If a zombie apocalypse would break out, what role would you have? (I would be the naive blond girl who dies first)
.. I'd either be the one making the strategic plans for us to get to the safehouses/evacuation points. Or the one who locked themselves in their house. XD
6. What's your favorite 
.. Winter (but I don't like to go out in it).
7. You want to eat tinned ravioli but don't have a tin opener. How do you do it?
.. I starve to death... or try to use a knife??
8. How do you travel best? By car/train/fly/...?
.. I wish flying! But definitely car.
9. Do you have siblings?
.. I have one half-brother, though I've never met him...
10. How were my questions? I hope creative...
.. Very interesting, I love the zombie one!!

Now, my questions! (sorry if they seem to be asking for so much, I'm just curious!!)
1. If you could have one fictional person enter your life, who would it be and why? (any video game, anime, movie, etc. but fictional).
2. A magical portal appeared in your living area. It takes you to the place you wish to go most. Where would that be? (can be real or fictional).
3. Which Disney fairytale is your favorite? If none are, then what's your favorite non-Disney fairytale? (there has to be at least one!! ;; )
4. Who do you like better? DC or Marvel or none? And why? (personally, I prefer DC just a little bit more).
5. A person you don't know is right outside your window, watching you. He's cut out all electricity, and has a phone jammer. What do you do? : (   -- don't worry, it's not me.
6. Who's your favorite dA artist and why? (only dA! No tumblr and Pixiv, only dA! I wanna watch some more artists, but I'm too lazy to search haha!)
7. Have you ever been tempted to have your butt scanned on a Printer Scanner like in the movies?? (I have...)
8. You are to be stranded on an island for one year. A large dome encircles the island preventing any attempt to escape by swimming or by boat. There will be no one there to rescue/help you, no one to drop supplies, you will have zero human contact. You must live off of the islands natural resources as well as survive against any island animals (aggressive or not). You are allowed to bring ONE thing that's CARRYING WEIGHT (so, you can't bring a boat). What would it be? (it has to be sensible, if you bring a cell phone, it will eventually need electricity).
9. You can annihilate 2 celebrities. Who would they be and why?
10. Can't think of anymore. Sorry for the long questions. How did I do? :3

People that I tag!

I'm only gonna do 6 cause I think everyone else has already done this... ; 0 ; )//   you guys don't have to do this if you don't wanna of course!

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