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Jehovah's Witness //rant

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 21, 2014, 7:04 AM

THIS IS A RANT! And my opinions. Please don't take offense.

Ugh, I don't know where to begin....
I typically don't want to talk about religion on my page because I found, from others posting it on their pages, that it hardly leads to intelligent disagreements or the like.
But damn, I just need to rage....

So, our neighborhood is prone to JW's, dunno why. Or maybe it's just my house that attracts them like flies.
It's to the point where my own mother, who is naive to the world around her when it comes to things like these and video games, knows their title and wants to flee whenever they come.
That's not a good thing and probably means you're doing something wrong!
How many do we have to get before you stop coming?! Ugh, I understand if it's your first time there, I get it, drop off your business and then leave!
It's like a line of them outside my house. //sigh

After one recent JW visitation, my mother wanted to get a 'no soliciting' sign for our door.
I explained to her, that since most of the JW's that visit our house are Korean (and older) they most likely will not understand what that means -- she didn't even know what it means.
We got it anyways, I was hoping the huge red hand on the door would be a sign that we don't want anything.

We even have our church's sticker on the door, clearly stating that we're a Christian family and already belong to a church.
But they still keep coming...

Another came after we got the sign, I laughed because my mother was in the kitchen when they parked right in front of our house.
My mom tells me to tell them that she's not there. Since many JW's and other religious Koreans usually only know how to speak the basic English and won't talk to me since I know very little Korean.
Didn't work this time, cause the elder JW brought her, I assume, daughter with her. And her daughter knew English just fine.
She started talking to me about the pamphlet and points me to a website that'll answer all my questions about God.
We finished our conversation, and she then asks me about my schedule and when I'll be home...
Ugh, it's time like these that I wish I had a backbone like my friend... Rapturizedd gurl, srsly, teach me.
I gave her a non-precise answer cause I don't know my own schedule. = 3 = )
She then states she wants to see me again, as if. I'm never answering the door again, I don't care.

Skip to today.

I always go out jogging in the morning (or skating), around 6. I felt a little lazy today and wanted to take it easy since The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 is coming out tomorrow, and I wanna make sure I have enough energy to play it. Stupid excuse, I know. But in the morning, logic flies out the window for me when I have time to think about it, lol.

Go to my local park, as always.

During my second to last lap, I was taking it nice and easy~
And this lady was walking super close to me... Like, I could see her in my peripherals without barely having to turn my head.
I personally, need my space. I hate it when people walk or stand close to me and they don't know me. It's awkward, I also don't like people touching me. If you're going to touch me, or bother me during my very important walk of the day (need to lose weight for the Air Force! Ugh!) then it better be fucking important!

She touched my shoulder and began talking to me.
She said I looked like her daughter, that's sweet. But honestly, I don't care...
Then she asked if we could walk together, I said okay. Even though I really didn't want too.
I already hate walking enough, and have gotten to a routine where I'll think about stuff like my art, or video games, or the game I want to make; it helps make the time pass by faster. When I'm socializing with people that I'm not especially close to, it makes it harder for me. Which is why I don't ask to walk with my friends, even though some have offered. And my really close friends, I get distracted with so I don't really wanna exercise either way haha -- I know kinda my limits.

And, I'm kinda an antisocial. I don't like meeting new people, and am fine with the friends I have now. I'd rather hang out on my own, and have to push myself sometimes to even communicate with my friends. ; v ; )   So, I'd also like to apologize to some of them (either on dA and IRL -- not like they'll read this lol) if you feel like I ignore you sometimes, or haven't communicated in a long time. Just don't know what to do haha.

So when this random lady wants to talk, it's hard for me to come up with topics. Jobs are one thing, but random people in the middle of nowhere, that's a completely different story!

We talked about life, and all that snazz, family etc.
And then it came, she started talking about God.

In college, I took a Religions class that teaches you about various religions as well as teaching to be tolerable to others religions.
One of the things I learned was that, just because you believe in something doesn't mean another person will believe the same thing, even if it's the same God or even same religion.
I learned that if you talk to two Christians from two different churches, they could give you completely different answers to the same questions.
So for me, before you start talking about religion, especially since it's such a touchy topic nowadays, that you should make sure exactly who you're talking too, and what they believe in.

I am a Christian, but I don't go to church, nor do I read the bible. I know the basics of the bible, if that makes sense and that's it. But I do pray every night.
And I don't mind hearing about the bible, I actually like hearing the stories. It's very interesting.
What I don't like is being told that I need to read it.

As she was talking about God, she started talking about what I wish for in life. It could be anything, for myself or for the world.
I wanted to sound like a dick. Hoping that she'd get the hint.
I answered, I want wealth.
And then I wanted to facepalm.
She was like, "That's a perfectly reasonable thing to wish for! : D  -- Y'know, in the bible, God says that's what he wants for us all! In our paradise!"
Fail one. She didn't get the hint.
So I kept talking to her, and when I say talking to her I mean, she talks while I just say yea or okay. --> I hate conversations like these so much...

Then she started quoting scriptures from the bible. Something about a tomb and Jesus' friends or something and God's power to bring him to life.
Okay. Don't remember much, as I said I don't read the bible.
Then she asked me what's a question that I have for God.

Honestly, I don't have one.
I mean, there are so many questions but I don't really believe anyone can tell me.
It's something I literally have to figure out for myself.
And I don't want to know. I don't want to have expectations or fears.
I am a selfish person, but don't take that away from me.

But I answered anyways, with the typical answer.
What happens after death?

And then I found out she was a JW.
Instead of answering my questions, she was like you can go to this website.
She then offered me a pamphlet that was in her car with the website as well as various other questions that could possibly be answered.
That's great.
I wanted to know her answer.
She never answered my question.

I told her that I knew of the website, I had just received the pamphlet earlier and hadn't gotten the chance to check out the site.
She said I simply had too, it would answer so many of my questions.

I never had any questions to begin with so I have none that need answering. If I had to check out the website, I would have already.
I still haven't.

Our conversation kept going on, and she kept redirecting me to the site.

At this point, I was getting severely annoyed and was ready to get out of there. She walked so slow that I didn't even finish my last lap before saying I had to go.
Crossing the sidewalk to the parking area, she then basically quizzed me on the story she had told me.
= _ = )  A quiz, really? Am I in school? If I wanted this, I would be in bible school! Even better, they have quizzes online for this!
I told her truthfully that I don't remember much of her story.
She laughed.

Then gave me a hug, because I looked like her daughter...
And then stated that she hoped to see me again.
I smiled. I knew tomorrow, I was getting up way way way earlier, hoping I would not run into her again!
I don't handle well with quizzes and I knew that was where this was going to go.

She then said, I never get to see the people I talk too. Different times, y'know.
No, you don't see the people you talk too because you're trying to convert them. It's one thing when you go to their house and they could chose to lock you out. It's another when you're clearly interrupting them while they're out so they can't run away!

Then she told me to go on the website.


Instead, I'm going to Google how to say kindly that I'm not interested or
I'm just going to say I'm an atheist now...
I'll apologize every night for saying this, but I need a break.
I believe in God, but it's suffocating when people do things like this.
Either I get really pissed, or I wanna cry because they're so oblivious and it's sad or they just don't care. But they're doing what they believe in.
I wanted to hide in my room, the entire time she was talking I was scared. I hate these situations. I don't like to be under someone's magnify glass.

Anyways, that's all I had to say.
: (
Hopefully the rest of my day will be great, and TWDS2 E4 will be awesome!
Hope everyone elses day is great as well!

  • Mood: Suffering
  • Listening to: my head groaning in pain.
  • Reading: TWD wikia.
  • Watching: YouTube LPs.
  • Playing: TWD S2 -- E3.
  • Eating: nothing, too depressed to eat.
  • Drinking: a concoction my mother made for weight loss.



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