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Annamaru has started a donation pool!
50 / 1,000
Figuring out how these things work haha.

I'm planning on setting up commissions soon, so this'll probably be for that, and for adopts. But donations are very much appreciated. c:

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
'Ello, I'm Anna~
I love doing digital anime art, and on my page that'll be mostly what you'll find! (*^▽^)/

I also am in love with RPing and creating characters, even if I never get to use them for anything (I plan to eventually sell some as adoptables).

I am a huge gamer, from silly games like Savvy Trendsetters to the Fallout series. I especially love zombie and apocalyptic games.

Currently into:
Far Cry 4, Secret World, Sims 4, Elsword, MineCraft.
Metalocalypse (always and forever~).
The Walking Dead, The 100.

Some of my side projects - that'll hopefully have started by next year. (´つヮ⊂)
. A webcomic of my OC Kako that explains her past as well as her mother's, Sashi. It's set in the anime InuYasha and crosses over to Yu Yu Hakusho.

. A webcomic or whatever we plan with LostSummer for DSS.

. Two horror RPG maker games.

. One apocalyptic RPG maker game.

. 2 novels, one's a supernatural and the other is fantasy-inspired.

. A fanfic of Saints Row.

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!! I currently am not doing requests unless they are characters from a fandom I'm into (or just cute characters overall). I am NOT doing OC requests, sorry.

I will consider doing art trades, however, they will be a simple colored doodle! And may take time, as I do them whenever I'm just in the mood - I will also most likely not upload them until your part is done first, this is to make sure that people actually do their part and not just take my art and run haha. p(´⌒`。q)

I appreciate every fave, watch, llama, and comment. I may not always have time to reply (or know how too) but I appreciate them all!

Also, please do not request free points. I don't give out free things to complete strangers. And it's kinda rude to just ask. = 3 = )

'Ello everyone!
I want to be more active in the group, but I also want to expand my horizon. So I want to request people's ocs for EnR for me to draw for either the game idea or the animation one. c:
Of course, if time gets in the way or something I may not finish them, but I at least want to try!
So here I go!

Animation Idea.

So for this one, I kinda wanted to do like a music video thing with our ocs. Both male and female, but I don't know how to draw males that good. ; v ; )  And I'm not really sure on my animation skills. c:  Haven't animated truly for like 5 years...

I'm still searching for a song, so please leave any suggestions. c:  I kinda want something with a lot of variety, something that can go from happy to sad, or at least mostly happy cause I find drawing sad scenes or melancholy scenes a little boring haha. Also, if it's in another language besides English, I would really like it to have some English subs.

I've already got a few songs in mind, but my opinions can be easily swayed lol.

All ocs are welcome, though I may not draw them all! Or they may be background characters depending on the song and how many people I get. c:  And I want to try to keep them in character.

just fill this out:
Oc: ((name and put their app link here. They must be fully colored, preferred digital but if they're traditional then pls give me a separate pic of their color palettes. You can give me more then 1 pic, but the app is a must.))
Personality: ((just so I can get the feel for your oc.))

Please fill this out twice if you want to submit their canon/significant other. c:

Game Idea

So I have RPG maker, and have daudled in it but can't seem to motivate myself to actually finish anything lol. ;;  So I just wanted to go ahead and see if this'll motivate me. :3
This isn't my main project though, I'll prolly focus harder on the animation one and if I have time I'll work on this one.
The story isn't going to be deep. And I've kinda got a story in mind involving demons/youkai. c:  Some ocs may become demons while others are gonna be background characters. Y'know, otherwise the world will be kinda empty haha D :  Since I'm not that good with the program and I think they might have a party limit? Or I might be wrong actually lol. We'll see how it works.

Oc: ((name and put their app link here. They must be fully colored, preferred digital but if they're traditional then pls give me a separate pic of their color palettes. You can give me more then 1 pic, but the app is a must.))
Personality: ((just so I can get the feel for your oc.))

And that's like it. c:  Hopefully I'll get some ocs in a couple of hours and then can get started lol.
If not, I may extend this to some of my other groups haha.

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