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September 7, 2013
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[Ikehara High] Ru Saito by Annamaru [Ikehara High] Ru Saito by Annamaru


Finally did a revamp. Hopefully it'll look neater.
Also, sorry this isn't shaded!


If you'd like to RP, I'll RP either through notes or comments. I also do novel or script!


Name: Saito, Ru.
    . or Ru Saito.
Gender: Male.
Age: 18.
Birthday: October 31st.
    . Halloween! -- btw, he likes candy!
Class: 2A.
Club: Cooking Club.
Height: 183cm/6 feet.
Weight: 70kg/155 lbs.
    . "Don't add too much salt. It'll ruin the overall flavor, and it's unhealthy."
    . "You have chocolate? Wanna barter?"
Status: Single.
    . Although me and ~LostSummer plan on him and Sodie dating~~

    . Chill Personality - usually relaxed, he's not really the first to initiate a conversation, but he'll gladly talk if approached.

    . Protective - pretty protective of his friends and people who are defenseless.

    . High Tolerance - he has a high tolerance of people who other people may blow off (like annoying people). He has a low tolerance for people who have traits he dislikes, such as arrogant people and bullies.

    . Lazy - he is not the first to jump into anything that requires actual works. He's never the worst to raise his hand to answer a question, and will attempt to shy away from sports. He usually hides in obscure places to avoid class.

    Having a younger sister, Ru always dragged her into trouble. He was quite a handful for his mother, he being her first child. His sister, although they loved her as if she was blood, was the daughter to his father. His mother got married to his current father when he was three, since his blood father did not support the family and had never even married his mother. He enjoyed his new family, constantly playing with his sister and finding her the cutest thing in the world, he even declared that he would wed her when they got older. Overprotective of her, he was constantly fighting other boys who picked on her.

    During his younger years, he spent all of his time in a small Chinese town. He was also popular with the girls in his class. His addiction to chocolate stemmed from the Qixi Festival (Chinese Valentine's Day), where all of the girls in his class gave him chocolate. On those days, he usually came home sugar high and caused more of a ruckus than usual, dragging his poor sister down with him.

    Two years passed, now five years old, Ru thought his life was bliss unknown to him as it began to change. His father started coming home less and less. First, he began to miss dinner even though he usually was able to make it on time. Then he began to come home later in the night, so late that everyone was usually asleep. Then he just didn't bother coming home at all, and if he did; it would be early in the morning after everyone was already awake. This unnerved Ru's mother, who pleas went unanswered for weeks, maybe months. Even Ru's little sister began to worry, she just wanted to spend time with her father. A year passed, Ru's birthday, and it was the worst birthday he ever had. For the first time in a while, his father made it in time for dinner, even bearing presents for his children. They enjoyed their time together until late night. As everyone slept, Ru's sister's mother decided to make a visit, revealing that she had been sleeping with Ru's father devastating the family. A divorced was finalized.

    Heartbroken, Ru's mother separated the children, bringing him to the USA with her. Ru dreaded this moment, missing his sister dearly. But, living in the USA was a turning point in his life. Even though he struggled with English and found it hard to make friends because of how wild he was, he eventually did make some close friends with the 'outcasts' of the school. Students who also transferred to the school and had no friends. One girl in particular, Ally, a girl who had to transfer schools because of her parents getting a new job, soon became best friends with Ru. Often teasing him for his accent and struggles with English, he would often tease her back for her lack of music skills, being the worst singer he'd ever heard. Years passed, he and Ally became best friends even promoting to girlfriend and boyfriend. He even got her a promise ring. Starting then, he would only give Ally chocolates, even on Valentine's Day, although he would still accept chocolate from anyone else.

    He also faced household struggles. His single mother struggled to pay the bills. Because of this, Ru found himself helping out around the house; cooking, cleaning, and anything else he could do. It was during this time that he began to mellow out. Being more focused on the trials of relationships and home life, but he also found himself slacking in school as he had no interests.

    When his mother decided to begin dating again, Ru was ecstatic. Coming home with a nice, and rich, Japanese man, Ru approved. Multiple dates, Ru really got to know the man. Eventually this lead to a proposal. Ru's mother accepted. Unknown at the time that this would involve Ru moving out of the USA and to Japan. Angered, Ru ran away from home and into Ally's arms. Ally was the one that convinced him to move, remain with his mother. When they become adults, he could return to her, and if they retain their feelings than they could continue where they left off. He hesitantly agreed.

    Moving to Japan, his father and Ru constantly bickered. He bought Ru an expensive Japanese coach, Ru learned quickly when he wasn't trying to avoid the sessions. This continued to anger his father. Ru was barely home. His allowance was gone within a day, usually on loud music or games. Annoyed by his behavior, Ru's father decided to enroll Ru into Ikehara High. With Ru's mother tearing up, he broke and agreed to attend although he did not promise the best grades, or even attending class.

This may be edited in the future. x.x

    + Music - K-pop || J-Rock || American-rock || Chinese instrumental.
    + Cooking - he can cook any popular American/Japanese dishes and a few Chinese dishes.
    + Girls.
    + Drawing/art.
    + Chocolate.
    + His mother~~
    + His birthday - because of the abundance of chocolate he receives.
    + Valentine's Day - for the same reason~~
    + Video games.
    + Swimming.
    + Ally.

    + School - especially homework.
    + Rude || Arrogant || Ignorant || Manipulative -- people.
    + Green.
    + Sports - especially participating in them. Although, he doesn't mind swimming.
    + Football - American version, he refuses to even watch it.
    + Clothing that is too tight.
    + Bullies.

Additional Information:
    + First name means: Scholar - something he's not.
    + Because he transferred countries, an error occurred and not all of his credits transferred - the reason why he has to redo a grade.
    + Has a scar over his left eye, an incident with his childhood sweetheart.
    + Can usually be found listening to music with his headphones in, apologies in advance if he doesn't hear you!
    + His long hair is mostly for his mother, who enjoyed playing with it. In the future, he wants to cut it.
    + His birthday is on Halloween.
    + Born in China, moved to the USA when he turned 6, moved to Japan when he was 18 because of his parents marriage.
    + He only gives homemade chocolate to Ally.
    + His last name, Saito, comes from Rurouni Kenshin or Hakuoki~

    + The ring he wears on his left hand is the promise ring he gave to Ally. He treasures this and refuses to take it off.
    + His bracelet (right arm) is a Big Bang (k-pop) band.
    + Has 3 small hooped earrings on his left ear, none on his right.
    + Headphones - need to draw them. x.x
    + Nintendo 3DS - usually carried around in his bag. His current game is Fire Emblem Awakening.



. made in Manga Studio 5.
. edited in Photoshop CS3.
. group :iconikehara-high:.
. Sodie . ~LostSummer . :iconlostsummer:.
. Ru . *Annamaru . :iconannamaru:
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Running down the hallway, he was being chased by a teacher who had found Ru's hiding spot underneath the stairs. "Damn, now I gotta find another one!" he huffed between deep breaths. He was really out of shape. Taking a corner, he noticed a blond boy lying on the floor. Quickly stopping next to the boy, he leaned down. "You... okay?" he asked, unsure if the boy tripped or was taking a nap in such an awkward place.
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HE looked up. "I am okay" He sat himself up.. "I am sorry, I just tripped... over my own feet." That last he mumbled. "Senpai doesn't need to worry about me. I trip all the time."  He crawled up from the ground and dusted  his clothing. 
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